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Future Financing Options to Meet Highway and Transit Needs
This report of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program presents both innovative and conventional methods for financing highway and transit projects.


Invest in Our Future
The first of six reports of state transportation officials' recommendations to the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission.


Methods of Rider Communication
This TCRP Synthesis report examines how transit agencies communicate with customers in a variety of settings.


Professional Development & Training
Professional Development and Training home page.


Funding & Regulations
The Community Transportation Association helps you interpret and meet regulations by providing resources and updates that are important to public and community transportation operators.


Medical Transportation
CTAA recognizes that community transportation continues to play a critical and growing role in the area of non-emergency medical transportation. For millions of Americans, the availability of community and public transportation is the determining factor in their ability to access the health care system for necessary medical care. Whether trying to reach life sustaining dialysis treatments or ensuring a healthy future for a child with routine screenings, people must have a way to get to their medical appointments. CTAA's Medical Transportation Initiative is designed to address the needs of both transit and medical providers by assisting their efforts to ensure that patients are able to reach the care they require.


Passengers With Disabilities
The goal of any transportation system is to provide the mobility options that meet the travel needs of all community members. Within every community there are residents whose physical limitations may prevent full access to all transportation services. In many cases, these individuals are transit dependent.


Rural Transportation
The Community Transportation Association provides resources to help rural communities explore system start-up, coordination, Section 5311 formula funding and the Rural Transit Assistance Program.


Senior Mobility
Transportation planning and coordination supported with sufficient investment in transit alternatives can help communities more effectively and efficiently meet the needs of their seniors and ensure their essential place in community life.


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