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The Community Transportation Association of America
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The Insurance Store at CTAA
For the transportation industry, navigating today's increasingly complex operating environment can be very difficult. The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) understands this and is ready to unveil a new one-stop shop for all the insurance needs of any community or public transportation system: The Insurance Store at CTAA.


Our Mission
Our vision of America's public and community transportation future — the cause that we serve — is based upon fundamental values that are as old as the nation itself. Freedom, independence, dignity and choice are as much at the heart of the debate for building an accessible society as they have been in building a free society. There is never an end to the work to create a free society, and there will never be an end to our work to build a more mobile society. Both of these noble pursuits remain great works in progress.


Information Station
Information station home. Whether you’re a transit professional seeking specialized information, a human services agency searching for transportation options or someone just beginning to explore mobility issues in your community, the Information Station provides categorical guides, a glossary of terms, on-line publications, links to related websites and a powerful search engine.


The Community Transportation Association of America consists of organizations and individuals that suppout creating mobility for all Americans regardless of where they live or work. Our Association believes there are many paths to creating that mobility — which is one of the reasons our membership includes community transit providers, public transit agencies, organizations providing health care, employemnt services, governments of all kinds, colleges and universities planners, private bus companies, taxi operators, people concernd with the special mobility needs of those with disabilities, manufacturers, and many other organizations who share a committment to mobility.


Calendar of Events of Interest to Transportation and Human Services Providers


Classified advertisements.


Future Financing Options to Meet Highway and Transit Needs
This report of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program presents both innovative and conventional methods for financing highway and transit projects.


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