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January 23, 2018

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Around the Depot: Sponsored by Ecolane

New products, documents, upcoming events and training from CTAA's staff

Mobility Through Automation: The Ecolane Difference

Sponsored Content from Ecolane:: Mobility Through Automation: The Ecolane Difference (Video)
Ecolane is the most flexible, affordable and reliable choice for transit agencies looking for transit scheduling software. Our easy-to-deploy, demand-response scheduling and dispatching platform empowers transit managers and supervisors alike to provide safe, accessible, and affordable transit alternatives to people who might not otherwise have community access and mobility. See the Ecolane difference in this animated explainer video!

EXPO 2018

CTAA EXPO 2018, Roadeo Registration Now Open
Registration - as well as full details - for CTAA's EXPO 2018 in Pittsburgh, Pa., is now open, as well as registration for drivers and volunteer judges at the 29th Annual National Community Transportation Roadeo, also to be held in Pittsburgh. CTAA's annual conference - featuring industry-leading training and workshop sessions, networking opportunities and the Community Transportation Trade Fair - will be held in Pittsburgh from June 10 - 14, 2018. CTAA members receive exclusive registration discounts.

Webinar Recording: Best Practices for Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Webinar Recording: Best Practices for Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Sponsored by CTAA and Cobbs Allen's transportation specialists, this webinar covered key information to be included in a Sexual Harassment policy and procedure, how to deal with harassment situations involving internal and external customers, and investigation and communication steps to take following a complaint, including real scenarios. A recorded version of the webinar is available for playback.

New CTAA Infocard: Why WiFi Works Better on Planes Than Transit

New CTAA Infocard: Why WiFi Works Better on Planes Than Transit (PDF)
Our latest CTAA Mobility Trends infocard explains the nuances behind this often-asked question by travelers: If planes, buses and trains are all moving vehicles, why does WiFi work so much better on aircraft than transit? Hint: Because of satellites, which are really costly.


CTAA Membership Awards Nominations - Deadline: April 16
We are seeking nominations for our 2018 annual membership awards. As a member you can nominate yourself or any other person or organization that is a member for the important work you or one of your colleagues does every day in their community. We recognize excellence with the following award categories - Rural and Urban Community Transportation System of the Year, Community Transportation Manager of the Year and State Leadership Award for State Transit Associations or State DOT's. All nominations are due by April 16, 2018.

Enrollment Now Open for CTAA's 2018 Emerging Leaders Academy

Enrollment Now Open for CTAA's 2018 Emerging Leaders Academy
Applications for enrollment are now open for the 2018 class of CTAA's Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA). CTAA is committed to supporting the next generation of transit leaders in creating the most promising future for their organization, employees, and customers through the ELA. Tuition for the ELA will be $3,500 per participant, which includes all the instruction, distance learning, and registration for EXPOs 2018 and 2019. Learn more about the ELA today!

Where Are CTAA Staff Heading?

Where Are CTAA Staff Heading?
From January 23 – February 5, CTAA staff will be heading to Bradford, Vt., Beaufort, S.C., Purcellville, Va., Hagerstown, Md., San Francisco, Calif., and Bristol, Va., to attend conferences, provide technical assistance and visit CTAA members. Our full staff travel agenda is available.


TripSpark Technologies

CTAA's Fed Central

CTAA's one stop for legislative, policy and regulatory news, resources and information.

4 Ways to Use News & Notifications [Transit]

Sponsored Content from TripSpark: 4 Ways to Use News & Notifications [Transit]
Learn about 4 ways to use news and notifications to improve your customer experience, the perception of your agency and generate additional revenue. Read on for examples that show you can use news and notifications to support these common agency goals.

Read the 4 Ways


CTAA Analysis: Community Transportation and the Federal Government Shutdown (PDF)
Learn about how the federal government shutdown impacts community and public transportation providers, as well as some context explaining the current political environment in Washington.

  • CTAA's 2018 Legislative Agenda (PDF)
    CTAA recently released its 2018 Legislative Agenda, identifying the following eight priorities: preserving the FAST Act, buses and bus facilities as infrastructure, regulatory relief, rewarding high performers with STIC, proving transit's role in healthcare outcomes, connecting rural America, preparing for the FAST Act's successor and anticipating the 2020 Census. For full details, view the legislative agenda.
  • DOT's BTS Releases Updated Version of National Transit Map
    Source: U.S. DOT
    The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) recently released version two of the National Transit Map, a geospatial database containing information from hundreds of transit agencies that provides open, machine-readable data about their stops, routes, and schedules. The national, openly available map of fixed-guideway and fixed-route transit service in America allows USDOT to demonstrate the importance and role of transit in American society and to identify and address gaps in access to public transportation.

Rural & Tribal

The latest developments in improving mobility in rural and tribal communities

Specialized & NEMT

Covering the nuances, opportunities & challenges of providing specialized and non-emergency medical transportation

The Porter's Station

Technical assistance resources, documents and events, including webinars, conferences and training

  • Research: How Bus Routes Can Deconcentrate Poverty and Promote Mobility
    Source: Chicago Policy Review
    New research suggests that a more effective approach to changing the geography of poverty requires the expansion of effective public transportation systems. For those who depend on public transit to commute to work, the proximity of bus stops and train stations can make the difference between a community that is affordable to live in and one that is not. More robust public transit options can help to deconcentrate poverty and promote equity and inclusivity across different areas.
  • Study: Exploring Microtransit in the United States
    Source: Eno Center for Transportation
    Public transportation agencies are experimenting with on-demand, shared, and dynamic models to augment traditional fixed-route bus and train services. These services—referred to as microtransit— are enabled by technology similar to the mobile smartphone applications pioneered by privately operated transportation network companies. As interest in this technology grows, it is critical for public transportation agencies and departments of transportation to understand the benefits and challenges of incorporating components of these innovations into publicly funded services.
  • Guide: Accessibility in Practice – A Guide for Transportation and Land Use Decision-Making (PDF)
    Source: Virginia Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment
    The decisions at issue here involve both transportation and land use—primarily what facilities to build (or not build) and where to locate them; but also how to design, maintain, and operate facilities. Specifically, this report provides ways to use the concept of accessibility to guide or inform these decisions in cities, towns, and metropolitan areas.

The Whistle Stop

Commentary and analysis on developments in community and public transportation

  • Should Transit Agencies Panic?
    Source: CityLab
    Many predict that new technology will doom public transportation. They're wrong. The tone of so much writing in this topic right now, is that transit agencies are at risk of being “swept away.” But transit agencies are not businesses. They are running an unprofitable service for reasons unrelated to profit: the functioning of a dense city, the liberty of its citizens, and connecting disadvantaged people to opportunity.
  • Let's Rebuild the Middle Class by Rebuilding Our Infrastructure
    Source: The Biden Forum
    Infrastructure is also about jobs. Rebuilding our nation's infrastructure, especially if we commit to strict Buy America requirements, will produce millions of high-quality jobs along the entire supply chain?—?while also connecting more workers in disadvantaged communities to opportunity.

The Information Station

Resources from CTAA

  • Tip-Sheet: Planning Inclusive Meetings (PDF)(159 KB)
    We offer this short list to encourage you to think about similar tips and reminders as you begin planning a meeting; and a checklist for seeking out meeting locations. We also offer some suggestions for short-term solutions, and, encourage you to find meeting places that are more welcoming or to seek long-term solutions to some of the problems.
  • Ahead of the Curve: CTAA's Safety Training Programs Lead the Way
    For community and public transportation operators safety has always been the priority. Recent action by the Congress to include new transit safety requirements in the latest surface transportation law reinforces this industry-wide commitment. To help transit agencies further meet their system safety goals and come into compliance with the forthcoming federal transit guidelines, CTAA has launched the Community Transportation Safety and Security Accreditation (CTSSA) program.

PASS LogoPASS Training is Now Available Online!
The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) is excited to announce PASS Basic, the online alternative to its passenger assistance training. Simply by going to you can access the virtual classroom experience through six audio/visual modules which will prepare your drivers to attend the hands-on aspect of PASS training and attain full PASS driver certification.

  • Certified Safety and Security Officer Program
    Also, learn more about CTAA's safety training programs. The mission of this Certified Safety and Security Officer Program is to assist in improving the professional preparedness of public and community transportation officers, and to maximize their ability to provide safe and secure transit service.

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