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October 10, 2018

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Around the Depot: Sponsored by Ecolane

New products, documents, upcoming events and training from CTAA's staff

Driver Shortages Slowing You Down? Keep Your Riders Moving with Ecolane's Demand-Response Software

Sponsored Content from Ecolane: Driver Shortages Slowing You Down? Keep Your Riders Moving with Ecolane's Demand-Response Software (NEW VIDEO!)

There are fewer public transportation drivers on the road than ever before, while the need for on-demand public transportation is on the rise. The Ecolane demand-response transportation (DRT) platform is the remedy because it is fully automated and continually optimized. Agencies can increase their rides per hour, improve their on-time performance, and capitalize on cost-saving efficiencies even with a smaller staff. Watch how Ecolane software can help solve the driver shortage problem or schedule a hassle-free demo today.

DigitalCT: The Pennsylvania Transit Tour

DigitalCT: The Pennsylvania Transit Tour, Part II
Following our first segment of the Pennsylvania Transit Tour edition of DigitalCT and the five members we profiled there, Part II features another six CTAA mobility provider members with written coverage and another two via podcast interviews. In visits spanning this past April to August, CTAA's communications team spent time with 10 of our members across Pennsylvania, ranging from large-volume urban systems that are considering BRT and light-rail corridors, to rural and specialized providers providing door-to-door service. As with community and public transportation providers anywhere, CTAA's members in Pennsylvania are prioritizing high-quality, dependable service while embracing new approaches in order to thrive as mobility continues to evolve around and through their daily work.


CTAA Analysis: Competitive Bus & Bus Facilities Grants: Trends 2016-2018 The federal competitive bus and bus facilities program - Section 5339b - is administered by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and delivers crucial capital investment to replace aging buses and facilities. Review CTAA's analysis of the past three years of competitive grant selections by the FTA.

CTAA Announces Upcoming Training & Certification Courses

CTAA Announces Upcoming Training & Certification Courses

  • PASS Train-the-Trainer: Oct. 15-17, Cottonwood, Ariz.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Management and Inspection (VMMI): Oct. 16-18, Boise, Idaho
  • Pass Train-the-Trainer: Oct. 22-24, Canton, Ga.
  • The Keys to NEMT Success Online Training: Nov. 13,15, 27, 29 (online)
  • Certified Community Transit Supervisor (CCTS) Workshop: Nov. 29-30, Scranton, Pa. (Sponsored by PennTRAIN)

For full details and registration, visit our Training Calendar.



CTAA's Fed Central

CTAA's one stop for legislative, policy and regulatory news, resources and information.

Service Interruptions Management

Sponsored Content by TripSpark: Service Interruptions Management (Detours)
Service Interruptions Management for TripSpark's Fixed Route software is a complete detour management system that greatly reduces the time and effort required to manage the whole detour process. Improve your agency’s ability to create, schedule, and track detours, accurately capture temporary stop data, and effortlessly communicate detour information to drivers and riders.

Learn More About Service Interruptions Management.

  • Five CTAA Members Recognized by FTA for Outstanding Rural Public Transportation Service
    Source: FTA
    At last week's biannual National Conference on Rural and Intercity Bus Transportation in Breckenridge, Colo., FTA Acting Administrator K. Jane Williams recognized six rural transportation providers with the Administrator’s Award for Outstanding Public Transportation Service in Rural Public Transportation, including five CTAA members: Monterey-Salinas Transit, Calif.; North Central Regional Transit District (N.M.); Crawford Area Transportation Authority (Pa.); Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System (S.C.); and Prairie Hills Transit (S.D.).
  • Transportation Key to Community's Future in Kansas
    Source: Liberal First
    With funding for and continued repairs to the state's highway system an ongoing issue, last session, the Kansas Legislature established a transportation vision task force. The mission of the task force is to evaluate the progress of the 2010 Transportation Works for Kansas program to date.
  • Removing the Impediments to Infrastructure Investment
    Source: Governing
    Nearly every aspect of our nation's infrastructure could benefit from restoration and modernization. If done the right way, these repairs and upgrades can create jobs, boost economic output and raise Americans' living standards.

Rural & Tribal

The latest developments in improving mobility in rural and tribal communities




News, trends and updates of transit in small urban areas


Sponsored Content from: SmartTransit 2018 – Oct. 23-25, 2018, Philadelphia, Pa.
SmartTransit is the go-to event for senior transit industry figures from across North America. Transportation technology is evolving faster than ever; digitalization, modernization and innovation are essential for transit to fight car culture and continue to be a viable mode of transportation. Digital communications form the backbone of the transit system, allowing transit to increase safety and capacity, transfer large quantities of data, and communicate with riders easily. Registration is open for the 2018 conference. The conference will look at how digitalization and technology is revolutionizing North American transit, from enhanced analytics technologies to real-time passenger information systems.

Specialized & NEMT

Covering the nuances, opportunities & challenges of providing specialized and non-emergency medical transportation

The Porter's Station

Technical assistance resources, documents and events, including webinars, conferences and training

Ecolane Launches RTD Van Go! For CTAA Member San Joaquin Regional Transit District (Calif.)

Ecolane Launches RTD Van Go! For CTAA Member San Joaquin Regional Transit District (Calif.) (PDF)
Ecolane recently launched RTD Van Go! in San Joaquin. Powered by Ecolane, the app gives all area residents complete control of their on-demand transportation from self-registration to payment without the aid of a third party.

  • Webinar: Sources of Funding for Battery-Electric Buses & Charging Systems
    Source: Protera
    On Oct. 18, from 11:00 a.m. (Pacific), Protera will be hosting a discussion on how multiple federal, state and local funding programs are available to aid in the procurement of battery-electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the available funding options and a high-level view of the deadlines, eligibility rules, and sources of information for each.
  • Webinar: Battery Electric Buses - State of the Practice
    Source: TRB
    On Oct. 23, from 2:00 p.m. (Eastern) TRB will present the current state of a rapidly progressing technology. The presentation focuses on the current benefits, challenges, and considerations associated with deploying a BEB fleet.
  • Webinar: The Future of Transportation
    Source: AARP
    On Oct. 23, from 11:00 a.m. (Eastern) AARP will discuss disruptions facing the transportation industry. AARP will articulate their vision of transportation to manage the disruptive forces.
  • Webinar: Examining the Effects of NEMT Brokerages on Transportation Coordination
    Source: TRB
    On Oct. 25, from 2:00 p.m. (Eastern) TRB will conduct a webinar that features research from the Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP)'s Research Report 202: Handbook for Examining the Effects of NEMT Brokerages on Transportation Coordination. The research provides background information about Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) and describes the different models available to states for providing NEMT for Medicaid beneficiaries. This webinar will provide information to understand what influences state Medicaid agencies to establish separate NEMT brokerages or to include NEMT as part of Medicaid managed care.
  • Call For Abstracts: 2019 International Conference on Demand Responsive Transportation Services
    Source: TRB
    The 2019 International Conference on Demand Responsive Transportation Services will be held April 14-17, 2019 at the Sheraton Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Md. This conference will profile operating Demand Responsive Transit systems around the world as they are: select DR transportation environments in Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa and Asia. Topics include comparing and contrasting innovation in policies, funders, service providers, passenger groups and system management. The Call For Abstracts Submission Deadline is Oct. 31, 2018. You can make a submission by visiting
  • Upcoming Courses from NTI
    Source: National Transit Institute
    The National Transit Institute is pleased to announce the following upcoming training sessions: National Transit Database; National Transit Database; Procurement III - RFPs & Competitive Grant Negotiations; Procurement IV - Contract Administration; Procurement for Small and Medium Transit Systems; and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. More information on and registration for NTI courses are available at

Longtime Ricon Representative Larry McNutt Passes Away at 69

Longtime Ricon Representative Larry McNutt Passes Away at 69
Larry McNutt, Ricon Sales Manager - Commercial Products, died Friday, Oct. 5. He was 69 years old. McNutt was an ardent advocate of vehicle accessibility for physically challenged passengers and students. He was active in school bus associations nationwide including California Association of School Transportation Officials (CASTO) and the National Association of Pupil Transport (NAPT), as well as paratransit associations including the California Association for Coordinated Transportation (CalACT) and CTAA.

The Whistle Stop

Commentary and analysis on developments in community and public transportation

  • Accessibility, Equity, and the Journey-to-Work
    Source: Transportist
    Inequality in transport provision is an area of growing concern among transport professionals, as it results in low-income individuals travelling at lower speeds while covering smaller distances. Accessibility, the ease of reaching destinations, may hold the key in correcting these inequalities through providing a means to evaluate land use and transport interventions.
  • Transit Industry Survey Finds Customer Experience is Vital
    Source: Metro Magazine
    Leaders at transit agencies throughout the country crave a better passenger experience, improved modal integration, integrated apps, ride-hailing solutions under their own brand, and first- and-last mile options to connect people to transit, according to a new survey.
  • The Woman Who Fought Transit Segregation in 19th-Century New York
    Source: City Lab
    A century before Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama, Elizabeth Jennings Graham defied the racial segregation of public transit in New York City. On July 16, 1854, Jennings (Graham was added to her name after marrying in 1860) was running late to church and tried to ride a white-only streetcar in Manhattan. The conductor told her they weren't accepting black passengers. She was forced out of the streetcar, and a police officer inflicted injuries by physically pushing her.
  • It's Hard to Understand the Shared Mobility Revolution When It's Called Different Things
    Source: The City Fix
    The list of companies offering new ways to get around – and new business models to access and pay for it – is long and only getting longer. Amidst this explosion in innovation, a revolution in mobility that will shape cities for decades to come, an important question for policymakers grasping to catch up is a basic one: what do they call it?
  • U.S. Census Bureau: Americans' Commute Times Increased; Transit Ridership Dropped
    Source: Smart Cities Drive
    An increasingly common refrain is being voiced again with the release of new governmental data sets: American workers' commutes are getting longer. Plus, fewer commuters are using public transit for the trips. Those insights come from a portion of the 2017 data recently released in the U.S. Census Bureau's annual American Community Survey. The survey breaks down data in a variety of categories — including commute times and modes of transportation — for each individual community across the country in addition to providing nationwide data.

The Information Station

Resources from CTAA

  • Webinar Archive
    CTAA's Webinar archive with recordings of our Webinars going back to 2009.
  • Tip-Sheet: Planning Inclusive Meetings (PDF)(159 KB)
    We offer this short list to encourage you to think about similar tips and reminders as you begin planning a meeting; and a checklist for seeking out meeting locations. We also offer some suggestions for short-term solutions, and, encourage you to find meeting places that are more welcoming or to seek long-term solutions to some of the problems.
  • Ahead of the Curve: CTAA's Safety Training Programs Lead the Way
    For community and public transportation operators safety has always been the priority. Recent action by the Congress to include new transit safety requirements in the latest surface transportation law reinforces this industry-wide commitment. To help transit agencies further meet their system safety goals and come into compliance with the forthcoming federal transit guidelines, CTAA has launched the Community Transportation Safety and Security Accreditation (CTSSA) program.

PASS LogoPASS Training is Now Available Online!
The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) is excited to announce PASS Basic, the online alternative to its passenger assistance training. Simply by going to you can access the virtual classroom experience through six audio/visual modules which will prepare your drivers to attend the hands-on aspect of PASS training and attain full PASS driver certification.

  • Certified Safety and Security Officer Program
    Also, learn more about CTAA's safety training programs. The mission of this Certified Safety and Security Officer Program is to assist in improving the professional preparedness of public and community transportation officers, and to maximize their ability to provide safe and secure transit service.

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