Background on Planning Grants

In 2006, with Federal Transit Administration Joblinks funds, the Community Transportation Association of America awarded seven communities with grants for the purpose of increasing the involvement and leadership of faith- and community-based organizations in planning, funding, and implementing new or expanded transportation services. The communities are specifically focusing on improving transportation options between communities with many low-income workers and employment sites, One Stop Centers, training, social services, child care and other essential destinations.

The Community Transportation Association is providing the selected community teams with funding to support the teams in:

  • Building an active partnership of community stakeholders;
  • Establishing a community-based planning process;
  • Developing a plan to actively engage key stakeholders, community groups and community residents in developing and supporting processes, plans and planning activities;
  • Conducting the planning activities; and
  • Developing comprehensive strategies and an action plan to ultimately expand employment transportation services in low-income communities.

2006 Joblinks Planning Grantees

The following seven grantees will take on the following projects:

  • Applicant Organization: Coalition for Independence -- Kansas City, Kansas
    Funding: $60,000
    Geography: semi-urban; regional
    Project Partners:
    Wyandotte Services & Works
    Mid-America Regional Council
    Unified Government of Kansas City, Transit Department
    Kansas City Workforce Development Center
    Project EAGLE
    Riverview Community Services
    School Linked Services
    Project Activities:
    Form task force to formulate planning and outreach and organize focus group input process to create comprehensive transportation strategy with community organizations for feedback before approval.
  • Applicant Organization: Mountain Empire Older Citizens, Inc. -- Big Stone Gap, Virginia
    Funding: $41,482
    Geography: rural
    Project Partners:
    Junction Center for Independent Living
    Frontier Health
    HIS Ministries
    Mountain Empire Community College
    University of Virginia -- Wise
    Project Activities:
    Produce a regional transportation plan on planning, policy, marketing, training, fund raising and operations, including an existing resources inventory, needs assessment, barrier and gap inventory and service improvement plan.
  • Applicant Organization: North County Transit District -- Oceanside, California
    Funding: $56,492
    Geography: urban/suburban
    Project Partners:
    Full Access and Coordinated Transportation
    North County Community Services
    North County Community Action Network
    Transit Alliance for a Better North County
    Aging and Independence Services
    San Diego HHS
    State council on Developmental Disabilities
    San Diego Center for the Blind
    San Diego Association of Governments, Coordinated Transportation Services Agency
    Support letter from SANDAG, the MPO
    Project Activities:
    Provide education to community organizations, social service agencies, employers, career centers, faith based organizations, and elected officials on the concepts and benefits of coordinated transportation; identify perceived barriers to development of a coordinated transportation system; conduct needs assessments for different populations; conduct resource survey of resources; and create Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with agencies that overcome the identified perceived barriers; develop a process for establishing true allocated costs of transportation for social service agencies.
  • Applicant Organization: St. Francis Medical Center Foundation -- Grand Island, Nebraska
    Funding Requested: $60,000
    Geography: small urban/rural
    Project Partners:
    Central Community College
    Hall County Public Transportation (Senior Citizens Industries, Inc)
    Hope Harbor -- collaborative project to help needy families
    City of Grand Island
    Nebraska Workforce Development
    Grand Island Ministerial Association
    Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    Project Activities:
    Build on existing transportation study by implementing service improvements and undertaking marketing effort cultivated by results of data collection from businesses and varied community-based focus groups. Develop a project framework, a detailed design and launch of a long-range plan with goal to execute wide-ranging improvements.
  • Applicant Organization: Valley Council of Governments -- Derby, Connecticut
    Funding: $60,000
    Geography: rural-suburban-small urban-urban
    Project Partners:
    Coordinated Transportation Solutions, Inc.
    Valley Needs and Opportunities
    Valley Council for Health and Human Services
    Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce
    Valley Transit District
    TEAM/One Stop Center
    Birmingham Group Health Services
    Project Activities:
    Collect and analyze data on transportation infrastructures, services, needs, mapping of data analysis; draw conclusions and develop final action plan with goal of improving service.
  • Applicant Organization: Volunteers of America: Western Washington -- Everett, Washington
    Funding: $35,365
    Geography: rural
    Project Partners:
    DisAbility Resource Connection
    Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
    Snohomish County Special Needs Transportation Coalition (SNOTRAC) [10 organizations & agencies on Executive Committee & 18 on Steering Committee]
    Project Activities:
    Conduct a mobility needs assessment for low-income people in Northern Snohomish County, construct a transportation demand inventory for that area, collect information on relevant transportation services, and craft final report, compiling data from these information efforts.
  • Applicant Organization: West River Transit Authority, Inc -- Spearfish, South Dakota (DBA: Prairie Hills Transit)
    Funding: $51,269
    Geography: rural
    Project Partners:
    South Dakota Career Center
    Northern Hills Training Center
    Spearfish Chamber of Commerce
    Premier Bankcard Center
    Black Hills Education Connection
    Spearfish Ministerial Association
    Black Hills State University
    Project Activities:
    Work with social services, career centers, education, employers, special needs populations, faith and community-based organizations and transit providers to assess unmet need, collect data, identify marketing tools, prepare cost assessments of service improvements, and devise an implementation plan.

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