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CTAA Asks Iowa to Reconsider 18-Month Medicaid NEMT Waiver Request

CTAA recently asked Iowa to reconsider its decision to seek an additional 18 month-waiver of NEMT for expanded Medicaid recipients covered under the Affordable Care Act. We ask all CTAA members that provide vital NEMT services to write the state of Iowa and communicate your experience with the importance of NEMT to Medicaid recipients and communities alike.

Medical Transportation

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Medicaid Expansion and Premium Assistance: The Importance of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) To Coordinated Care for Chronically Ill Patients

CTAA released the key report last Spring, which highlights the growing trend of chronic conditions and treatment-based transportation on the community and public transportatio network.

Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Saves Lives and Money

Medicaid's transportation program is the lifeblood of our nation's publicly funded healthcare system, allowing our most vulnerable families to access critical medical services. At the same time, the Medicaid NEMT program reduces the financial burden on state governments by avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits, ambulance transportation and extended hospital stays.

Report on Medicaid's Non Emergency Medical Transportation Assurance

This policy brief examines Medicaid's assurance of medical transportation in the context of medically necessary but non-emergency health care.


DigitalCT Magazine: Charting Medical Transportation

In this full edition of DigitalCT magazine devoted to medical transportation, we explore emerging health care trends, cover dialysis transportation and publish important NEMT research.

Medicaid Webinar Playback and Documents

The complete audio and visual playback of the CTAA Medicaid Webinar Parts I and II are now available.


Center for Medicare and Medicare Services Regional Offices

The Center for Medicare and Medicare Services has regional offices covering the United States. Each regional office covers multiple states. These offices are available to take complaints, provide information, and oversee the Medicaid in Medicare programs in each state in their region.

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