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Welcome to the CTAA resources page for AARP volunteers. This section provided the latest Community Transportation publications related to the AARP and its volunteers.

Featured Resources

  • Senate Testimony: The ADA and Accessibility Challenges and Opportunities (PDF)(636 KB)
    Mobility services in the United States are as diverse as the physical landscape that makes our country unique. Some communities in our country have vast mobility resources that include a full range of surface mobility options from subways to taxicabs. Others have a smaller range of options that can range from a weekly van service for seniors to one taxicab. Despite the range and types of services that exist, they are all linked by one common element, need. All Americans need mobility to function in our society and there are ways we address that need both as individuals or groups of individuals.
  • e2 Taxi: An Innovative Mobility Strategy for a College Town (PDF)(482 KB)
    Bloomington, Ind., a small city of just over 80,000, is one of dual personalities -- one centered around its historic downtown square and the majestic Monroe County Courthouse, a soaring 1908 structure constructed of native Limestone; the other focused on Indiana University (IU) and its campus of nearly 40,000 students. The presence of IU- its students, faculty and attendant amenities -- makes Bloomington unique to other similarly sized communities. From large-scale sporting events to productions at the University's performing arts center to local festivals, Bloomington is a small town that often faces transportation challenges more prevalent in much larger cities. For these reasons, it is an ideal incubator for innovative, accessible mobility solutions.
  • The Dialysis Report (PDF)(1.10 MB)
    Everyday, thousands of Americans who need regular kidney dialysis board a community or public transit vehicle to access this life-sustaining care. The trips these patients take are time-consuming -- they often last more than four hours in duration -- and essential, as they absolutely must be made, regardless of the weather or any other circumstances. Dialysis trips also are changing the nature of public transit in many communities.
  • Transportation for America's Veterans and Their Families (PDF)(431 KB)
    In our own times, we face complex challenges in meeting veteran's needs in the areas that we call transportation and mobility. Some of these challenges result from service-related disabilities, some by a larger population of older veterans who need continuing medical care, and some by the needs for mobility that are required for those going to work or education. Many of these challenges exist not just for veterans, but also for the families and dependents.
  • Stressed States Open Doors to Medicaid Managed Care (PDF)(656 KB)
    This article ran in the March 2011 edition of Managed Care magazine and highlights how the national economic downturn has increased program enrollment and decreased investment -- both with significant impacts on the Medicaid program.
  • Medicaid's Medical Transportation Assurance: Origins, Evolution, Current Trends, and Implications for Health Reform (PDF) (300 KB)
    This policy brief examines Medicaid's assurance of medical transportation in the context of medically necessary but non-emergency health care. Reviewing the origins and evolution of the assurance and presenting the results of a 2009 survey of state Medicaid programs, the results of this analysis underscore Medicaid's unique capacity to not only finance medically necessary health care but also the services and supports that enable access to health care by low income persons since Medicaid covers non-emergency medical transportation. This ability to both finance health care and enable its use moves to the forefront as Congress considers whether to assist low income persons in health reform through Medicaid expansions or via subsidies for traditional health insurance, which typically does not provide comparable transportation coverage.

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