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Selected full-length articles and departments are available in PDF from past issues of Community Transportation Magazine. Select from the resources listed in the menus, or search CTAA for any keywords. If you're looking for a specific article that's not available on-line, please email editor Scott Bogren with your request.

Community Transportation is the premiere magazine in its field. No other publication gets to the heart of the public and community transportation service, or so completely covers the people and communities it serves.

In recent months, Community Transportation Magazine has featured several special theme issues on such vital topics as employment transportation, medical transportation, senior transportation and universal access.

With each new edition, Community Transportation introduces its readers to innovative new transit financing ideas and service modes. It examines strategies to build ridership and support for transportation.

As a bi-monthly publication, Community Transportation Magazine provides far more than news for its readers - it offers thoughtful analysis and the perspective of professionals from around the field. You'll turn to the magazine as soon as you get it and save back issues for future reference.


For any questions or comments on Community Transportation Magazine, contact editor Scott Bogren.

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