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CT Summer 2007


With select articles linked in PDF

  • Do-It-Yourself Mobility Management (PDF) (264 KB)
    In the Boston suburbs, real-time technological innovations help transportation providers offer better service to their customers.

  • Why Community and Public Transportation Should Be Fare-Free (PDF) (54 KB)
    By Dave Olsen
    The time has come to stop making people pay to take public transit. Why do we have any barriers to using buses and urban trains? The threat of global warming is no longer in doubt. The hue and cry of the traffic-jammed driver grows louder every commute. And politicians are getting the message.

  • Everybody Local Everywhere (PDF) (140 KB)
    By The International Association of Public Transport
    How Smart Card technology and other fare technologies are innovating transport in Europe.

  • Car Free in America (PDF) (676 KB)
    By Jim Motavalli
    People need mobility options. Whether its rail, buses, bikes or walking, there are a number of sucessful modes that illustrate the possibilities of accessing communities without a car.

  • Asking the Right Questions About Transportation and Land Use (PDF) (451 KB)
    By University of Minnesota Center For Transporation Studies
    What if solid research showed that even as congestion is getting worse, most people in the Twin Cities are finding it easier to get where they need to go? That's one of the provocative prospects receiving a first-ever look in new research at the University of Minnesota's Center for Transportation Studies.

  • A Low-Carbon Future With Public Transport (PDF) (200 KB)
    By The International Association of Public Transport
    Faced with the spectre of rising greenhouse gases, public and community transportation is increasingly seen as a fundamental solution.

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