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Transit Across New York State

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  • 8 The Best Deal in New York City: MTA's Access-A-Ride (PDF) (267 KB)
    The Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Access-A-Ride program is one of the most innovative and committed transit operations in the nation. It's part of New York City's extraordinary transit experience.

  • 14 Building the Faith (PDF) (188 KB)
    Through the collective effort of community leaders and leaders of faith, the Town of Irondequoit, N.Y., is helping its senior residents access the full opportunities of their community, with the helping hand of an established transportation provider in Medical Motors Service.

  • 18 CENTRO: Collaboration in the Center of New York (PDF) (172 KB)
    Faced with the prospect of losing its transit network, elected officials and transit professionals in Oneida County collaborated with a neighboring transportation system to not only save their system, but improve it as well.

  • 22 Citizens Group Looks to Bring Metro Transit to Long Island's East End
    At the outermost tip of New York State, motivated residents and community leaders are working together to expand and improve their mobility options -- in a number of new and unique ways.

  • 24 The New York City Transit Museum: Everything From the Tokens to Trains
    Offering a rare look at transit artifacts such as tokens, bus stop signs, and a full station platform stocked with vintage subway cars, the New York City Transit Museum is a treat for any transit enthusiast.

  • 27 New York's Subways: Over A Hundred Years Old and Still Going
    Take a look at the early development of what would become a key element of the nation's busiest transit system -- the Interborough Rapid Transit subway.

  • 32 Our Commitment to New York
    From Albany to Lake Placid, the Community Transportation's technical assistance programs have played an important role in helping communities of all sizes in New York State offer more and better transportation resources.


  • 4 From the Editor
  • 6 Voices from the Community: The New York State DOT Perspective by Bill McDonald
  • 7 New York and Transit: A History of Good Service by Bill McDonald
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