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Older adults are a growing and diverse segment of our population. Their mobility needs reflect this diversity. While transportation to meet the special needs of frail older persons will always be an essential service, growing numbers of older persons have transportation needs similar to the general population. They may have cars, but are looking for convenient and affordable options - to work, to shopping, to recreation and entertainment. The ride bicycles and walk in their own communities. They use vanpools and rideshare to get to work. They use taxis and Uber. However, public and community transportation continues to be the primary means of transportation for older adults.

Senior Mobility News

Tip-Sheet: Planning Friendly Meetings

Going Beyond the ADA to Make Your Meeting Place User-Friendly (PDF)
March 2015 Update

This Tip Sheet can assist anyone who wants to be sure that older persons and persons with disabilities feel welcome and comfortable at their meetings. It is a supplement to the many good existing tip sheets on how to plan meetings and events that comply with ADA regulations. This Tip Sheet offers a list of suggestions to consider as you begin planning a meeting. You can use as you begin planning a meeting. You can use as the beginning of your own checklist for assessing meetings based on your experiences. In addition, to some short-term solutions, the Tip Sheet also encourages you to find more friendly meeting places or long-term solutions to some the problems. (e.g., getting your local government to improve street lighting, and to make intersections more pedestrian-friendly).

Expanding Specialized Transportation

Expanding Specialized Transportation: New Opportunities under the Affordable Care Act
by Wendy Fox-Grage and Jana Lynott, AARP Public Policy Institute
This brief 15-page report is packed with valuable information on "ACA initiatives offer incentives to states to expand specialized transportation." Transportation providers are one of the primary audiences for this paper. CTAA's interview with the authors is available as a podcast.


The eldercarelocator is a public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging that connects persons - older adults, their families and caregivers - with transportation in their communities.

How It Works
When you call 1-800-677-1116, give the zip code of the person who needs the ride. If you do not know the zip code, give the city and state. Then you will be given the telephone number for the local Information, Referral and Assistance telephone number of the Area Agency on Aging that serves your location. Your local Area Agency on Aging will give you information about local transportation services. The Area Agency on Aging maintains a directory on all local aging services and programs, so you may want to ask for information on services other than transportation. And, if you need additional information about transportation, ask the Operator to refer you to an Agency staff member.

The eldercarelocator can also be reached through its website, On the website, you will be directed to enter the zip code OR city and state, and then to choose Transportation from a Topic Menu.

Transportation Options for Seniors in Rural Communities

Providing Successful Transportation Options for Seniors in Rural Communities

by Debbie Dauenhauer, Executive Director, Southern Nevada Transit Coalition
Rural Voices, Housing Assistance Council, Fall 2013 Issue
The Southern Nevada Transit Coalition's Silver Rider Program has taken on the task of mitigating transportation challenges for seniors in rural Nevada. This brief information-filled article describes their strategy and programs.

Unemployed Older Workers: Many Experience Challenges Regaining Employment and Face Reduced Retirement Security

A recent GAO Report on Unemployed Older Workers recommends that the Secretary of Labor should consider what strategies are needed to address unique needs of older workers. Video of excerpts from GAO interviews and focus groups with unemployed older workers: The full GAO Report is also available online.


Jane Hardin
Coordinator, Senior Transportation Programs
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