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  • The Purcellville Experience: A People-Friendly Approach to Building a Transit Facility (PDF) (158 KB)
    In Purcellville, Va., Virginia Regional Transit's now five-year old facility offers a highly professional image of transit and has an interesting tenant that brings community members to its doors. The building was built with people in mind -- both passenger and employees.

  • The Spirit of Invention: Dallas Smith's Friendly Bus (PDF) (330 KB)
    Regular readers of Community Transportation magazine might recall the "Golden Dolphin" bus we featured on our cover in June, 2003. Interestingly, much of what that vehicle stood for -- curb appeal, rounded corners, low-floor -- is embodied in the Dallas Smith's Friendly Bus -- one of the newest transit vehicles in the market.

  • Making Transit Furnishings an Integral Aspect of Design (PDF) (268 KB)
    A well-designed transit operation takes into account the entire system equally -- vehicles, facilities, software systems and -- shelters. Jeff Sherman is the owner and president of Lacor Streetscape -- a firm specializing in the design and manufacture of unique transit landscape furnishing serving nearly 100 communities in 5 states.

  • Blending Fuel and Function (PDF) (500 KB)
    Good design not only improves the system and its customer service, but also positions the operation to be able to innovate and build. In Shelton, Wash., the Mason County Transit Authority, due to its excellent service design, found itself able to lead an effort to utilize green fuels around the region.

  • Transit-Oriented Development in the United States (PDF) (88 KB)
    Transit-oriented development (TOD) has attracted interest as a tool for promoting smart growth, leveraging economic development, and catering to shifting market demands and lifestyle preferences. This study, based on a combination of stakeholder survey responses, interviews, and in-depth case studies, paints a national portrait of contemporary TOD practice in the United States.

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