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Medical Care and Community Transportation: Perfect Together

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  • Celebrating 20 Years of EXPO in Orlando
    Capturing the highlights and a list of award winners from EXPO 2006

  • Perfect Together: Public Transportation and Medical Care (PDF) (232 KB)
    Transportation to medical appointments and treatment is an essential element of contemporary healthcare. Here, we set the stage for why trips to non-emergency medical care fit in the community transportation framework.

  • Transportation: The Essential Link in the Continuum of Care
    Last summer's Mobile Communities are Healthy Communities conference found that transportation is a crucial and specific element for cancer treatment, dialysis and other medical care.

  • Building Better Public Transportation and a Healthier Vermont
    For twenty years, Vermont's Medicaid transportation program has been linking patients with public transportation options to access healthcare.

  • Mountain Line: Innovatively Connecting West Virginians with Health Care
    Morgantown, West Virginia's Mountain Line focuses on integrating non-emergency medical trips into their overall provision of service.

  • Medical Transportation: Challenges of the Future (PDF) (69 KB)
    Jon Burkhardt studies how trends in aging and access to healthcare interact with funding programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, and the challenges they present.

  • Children's Medical Transportation Needs
    Brenda Leath investigates what can and must be done to close the transportation gaps in children's care

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