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  • Vermont (PDF) (224 KB)
    What most impressed French explorer Samuel de Champlain were les monts verts -- the green mountains. His expedition up the St. Lawrence River in 1609 recorded much of the landscape that after the American Revolution would become Verd Mont, Vt., today maintains much of the natural beauty that inspired Champlain. The state is overwhelmingly rural, its cartography still defined by back roads linking small towns that hearken back to more than a century ago. The land remains the lifeblood here. Dairy farms, forest products, agriculture, maple syrup, outdoor adventure, tourism. It is a place of cheese and corn, cows and Phish, skiers and leaf peepers.

  • In From the Cold: Green Mountain Express Warms Up to New Facility (PDF) (89 KB)
    As nearly any transit manager can attest, each new day presents unexpected challenges. For Jay Skelly, CCTM, operations manager of the Green Mountain Express in Bennington, Vt., winter mornings can be especially challenging.

  • The Clarion Call for Mobility (PDF) (133 KB)
    Fred Schmidt has seen the transformation. In recent years, state and local leaders around Vermont have come to better understand the mobility needs of their communities and the myriad innovative ways to meet the growing demand for transportation. They've realized that moving people efficiently and safely benefits everyone. For Fred, it's all part of a lifelong journey.

  • Sheltering Passengers - From Young Riders to Young Designers: Students Design Shelters that Invite Passengers to Ride (PDF) (824 KB)
    In wintertime Fargo, N.D., the wind slices out of the northwest almost daily. Snow and sleet ride the wind horizontally, snow drifts flow and below-zero temperatures add bite. Transit riders here know that bus shelters aren't just about convenience and comfort, they're about survival.


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