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  • Young Riders: Community and Public Transportation's Next Generation (PDF) (445 KB)
    Today's young people are tomorrow's community and public riders. Recognizing both an important market and constituency for transit, many dedicated transit managers and advocates are using various approaches to examine young riders' needs, their developing attitudes about mobility, the decision-making skills they'll bring to adulthood and their impact on the future of community and public transportation. What follows are model profiles of how systems are serving the young riders in their community.

  • An Entry to Freedom and Independence (PDF) (202 KB)
    For some young people it's not a choice, it's their only ride.

  • Connecting with Young Riders (PDF) (327 KB)
    Realizing the vital importance of attracting young people -- to both ride and to better understand and support community and public transit -- operators of all sizes in all types of communities are reaching out to youth in a number of innovative and effective ways.


  • Editor's Note
  • Letters
  • Federal Express
  • Voices from the Community I and II
  • The Dispatch
  • Transit Notes
  • Perspective

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