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  • Get SMART (PDF) (753 KB)
    Eschewing models and precedents, mobility in southeast Michigan is being crafted by diverse communities and their dynamic regional partner. Coordinating local ingenuity with established expertise, SMART is enabling intelligent connec-tions.

  • Connecting Communities
    Building on successful coordination efforts in numerous communities, a partnership among the departments of Transportation, Health and Human Services, Labor and Education aims to launch more rides through a five-pronged coordination initiative.

  • Transportation-Disadvantaged Populations
    Understanding that access to vital health-care, employment and senior programs is as important as the programs themselves, numerous federal agencies fund trans-portation services for the transportation-disadvantaged. The GAO's recent study examines coordination efforts among government agencies, explores costs and savings, highlights successful service ex-pansion and identifies strategies to address obstacles.

  • The Ocean County Experience
    One New Jersey community highlights the challenge of balancing tremendous growth in the demand for standing order service with sufficient mobility options for daily life trips, all the while facing a significant decrease in funding. A year-long demonstration project identified key issues and strategies, formed new collaborative networks and strengthened existing relationships that will be key to improving connections for the community's seniors.

  • The Art of Motion
    Recognizing powerful assets, identify-ing common objectives and leveraging pubic and private resources, downtown Indianapolis is a showcase for coordina-tion and creative mobility.

  • CART: Getting People Where They Need to Go (PDF) (216 KB)
    Human service agencies and transit advocates; public and private dollars; federal, state and local support; buses and auto-mobiles; volunteers and Yellow Cabs...CART's everything-but-the-kitchen sink approach to mobility has built numerous partnerships, grown a diversified funding base, generated sharing arrangements and expanded transportation options in northwest Virginia.


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