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  • A Different Kind of Reward (PDF) (341 KB)
    The annual Community Transit Roadeo showcases driving professionals from across the country. Their knowledge and skill are tested, their performance rewarded. On the asphalt, they might be champions. Back home, they are always heroes. Come ride with Harford County Transportation Services, where drivers have their eye on the real prize.

  • Small City, Large Effort (PDF) (270 KB)
    With innovation and creativity, Capital Transit in Juneau, Alaska, manages a growing ridership that accommodates the state legislature, the tourist season, the university calendar and -- in a rainforest that sits above the 54th parallel -- inclement winter weather. A special focus on accessibility and a strong investment by the local community have been behind the successful partnerships driving this 2003 Community Transportation System of the Year.

  • Life, Liberty and Mobility for All
    Highlights from this year's EXPO and National Community Transit Roadeo in Philadelphia, Pa., including our 2003 award winners.

  • Building A Foundation for Mobility in the Constitution State (PDF) (125 KB)
    Community Transportation talks with Senator Christopher Dodd about community transportation's role in Connecticut, and his vision for expanding mobility in America.

  • RTAP: Partners in Community Transportation
    Partnership. It's community transportation's strongest driver. The Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) is a strong partner in connecting communities across the country. Our updated contact list can help you connect with the resources you need.

  • Safe Buses for Kids, Communities
    Safe, available, appropriate vehicles get children and other community members to the places they need to go. A new vehicle specification guide -- complete with a searchable on-line database -- will be an invaluable guide for prospective vehicle purchasers.


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