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  • Coming Soon to a Bus Near You...
    What technological advancements will the next generation of public and community transportation vehicles offer? And how will they impact your service and your community? Vehicle maintenance guru Halsey King offers his thoughts on everything from 42-volt electrical systems to joy-stick steering.

  • Vehicle Manufacturer Roundtable
    Vehicle manufacturers serving public and community transportation are some of the most dynamic, progressive companies in the nation. They listen to provider needs, comply with regulatory changes, incorporate new technologies and improve system safety and efficiency. Don't miss this lively roundtable discussion of key issues.

  • Goodbye to the Interurban -- Or is it Hello Again
    The Interurban rail system of the first part of the 20th Century was, in many respects, the original community transportation system. Its cars, therefore, were the original community transportation vehicles. In this comprehensive look back, see what once was... and what may be once again.

  • Greyhound Through the Years
    From its inception in Minnesota in 1914 to today, Greyhound has connected much of this nation and its vehicles have often become American icons. In this timeline/photo spread, look at how the Greyhound bus has changed through the years.

  • The Role of Amenities and Vehicle Characteristics in Building Ridership
    Excerpted from a Transit Cooperative Research Project of the same name, this research examines how vehicle amenities can help public and community transportation build ridership and better serve their communities.

  • A Life's Journey on the Bus
    Our exclusive interview with Rachel Simon, author of Riding the Bus with my Sister. Get to know Rachel and learn how she came to understand the importance of public and community transportation and the invaluable role drivers play in many American's lives -- including that of her sister.

  • Training and Safety Review Program
    The Community Transportation Association's Training and Safety Review program is a vital tool in helping public and community transportation systems of all sizes and in all communities keep safe. Learn more about this important program and how you can bring its advantages to your operation today.

  • Trade Fair Tour
    Each year's EXPO is a forum to gather information, share expertise and gain knowledge that will help you better connect your community. Vendors are important contributors to this exchange. This tour of the Trade Fair Floor highlights the products and services that keep you and your community moving.


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