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  • Galveston's Historic Union Depot: A Once and Future Great Station (PDF) (219 KB)
    Galveston, Texas' Shearn Moody Plaza is home to the city's historic Union Depot. The station, which houses the city's railroad museum, is set to anchor a multi-modal transit gateway to this island community, and regain its past glory as a Great Station.

  • A Station More Aptly Named Endurance (PDF) (248 KB)
    Revolving ownership, destructive fire, the Civil War. This Great Station in Culpeper, Va., has endured a century and a half of progress and setback, only to emerge as an agent of economic development and community revitalization.

  • Raton's Revival (PDF) (539 KB)
    The historic Spanish-Mission style rail depot of Raton, N.M., built in 1903, is set to become a transportation success story once again. The Great Station has been restored and is spurring downtown redevelopment efforts and renewed transportation use.

  • Randolph Rising: A Great Station Evolves (PDF) (286 KB)
    Randolph, Vt., is a quintessential New England town that enjoys uncommon transportation alternatives due to Stagecoach, Inc., and its emerging Great Station. It's a story of renewal that reads like the script of an old Western film.

  • Here to Stay: People's Transit Finds Its Place in Huron (PDF) (274 KB)
    Thirty years ago, People's Transit in Huron, S.D., began offering community transportation with a single vehicle. Today, the operation has a new Great Station that allows it to more effectively and reliably serve local residents.

  • In From the Cold: Wind River's Great Station Helps to Provide More Efficient, Reliable Transportation (PDF) (208 KB)
    Wyoming presents unique challenges to public and community transportation operations. For Wind River Transit in Riverton, Wyoming, a Great Station built in 1999 helped it better maintain its growing fleet and more effectively manage operations.


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