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  • Going to Work
    Most of us do it everyday, and many of us do it on transit. The 'to' in going to work, transit connects employees to jobs in astonishing numbers. But rather than statistics, we offer personal testimony.

  • The Workforce Investment Act: A Primer for Transportation Providers
    As the initial 1998 legislation approaches reauthorization, transit will continue to play a role in America's workforce preparation and employment system. Understanding the goals, funding streams and service delivery design of WIA will help operators recognize partnership opportunities and improve access to programs, service and, of course, jobs.

  • Public and Community Transportation: Impact on the Economy
    Beyond moving people and goods, the transportation industry fuels the economy by generating jobs.

  • Marketing Transit Service to Business: Building Public-Private Transportation Partnerships
    The connections transit provides are valuable not only to passengers but to the businesses they reach. Expanded marketing efforts can help build public-private partnerships with mutual benefits.

  • Georgetown Buses Bursting with Business
    Retailers in a bustling D.C. commercial area decided that transit was good business. Frequent service, low fares and a federal-county-private business partnership have produced growing ridership, and have made the Blue Bus a model of transit expansion.

  • Employment Transportation and Economic Development: A Planners' Roundtable
    The pieces of the community development puzzle are many. Shaped by the work of planners, they each provide a necessary portion of the picture. Fitting them together is the tricky part. We asked planning professionals in economic development, workforce development and transportation how mobility and employment connections can frame the vision of community.

  • Quality of the Ride
    Getting there is good. Getting there on a smooth, comfortable ride is even better. A new suspension system is improving how communities move.


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