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CT EXPO 2010 Cover: The Queen Mary


With select articles linked in PDF

  • Long Beach Innovation (PDF)(738 KB)
    by Rich Sampson
    Little more than 20 miles south of Los Angeles, along the sandy shores of San Pedro Bay is the city of Long Beach. Although the city has long been known as a seaside resort destination for cramped Los Angelinos, Long Beach boasts California's fifth-largest population and likewise prides itself on its own distinct identity. A large and vital part of that identity is Long Beach Transit.
  • The Insurance Store at CTAA -- An Exciting New Partnership with Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services (PDF)(178 KB)
    by Scott Bogren
    For the transportation industry, navigating today's increasingly complex operating environment can be very difficult. The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) understands this and is ready to unveil a new onestop shop for all the insurance needs of any community or public transportation system: The Insurance Store at CTAA.
  • Certified Safety and Security Manager Training: CTAA's Newest Certification Program Launches at EXPO 2010 (PDF)(167 KB)
    by Scott Bogren
    There is nothing more central to community and public transit than safety. The Community Transportation Association of America's Certified Safety and Security Manager (CSSM) program is designed to help transportation programs meet their responsibilities in regard to system safety and security.
  • The State of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation: A Community Transportation Magazine Essay (PDF)(120 KB)
    by Dale Marsico, CCTM, Executive Director, CTAA
    The recent passage of health care legislation creates a climate where community and public transportation must re-examine their current theories and practices concerning the broad series of activities we refer to as coordination. In many areas the subject of coordination has become an extremely limited discussion that focuses on the relationship of Medicaid-purchased transportation and coordination with other community-based transportation services or traditional public transit funded in part by various revenue from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Although there has been greater emphasis the last three years on developing coordination strategies around the FTA-administered JARC, New Freedom, and 5310 activities, Medicaid remains the central focus of this discussion in almost every state and locale.

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