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  • Iowa
    I returned to Iowa to see it for the first time. Not just the people. Not just the places. I came home to discover the connections and the transit systems making them. I found leadership and tenacity in both rural small towns and metropolitan centers. More to the point, I found mobility enabling community and a sense of place. By Beth Wilson

  • Connecting Iowa
    When you're working to connect communities, it helps to have a legislative leader with a vision of mobility. Iowa's Senator Tom Harkin has been a strong advocate of policies to improve transit coordination and enhance rural transit investment. His work in the 108th Congress will aim to address his state's dynamic transportation needs.

  • Improving Rural Mobility and Accessibility in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley
    Coordination efforts, spurred by new technology, are maximizing transportation resources in Virginia's Northern Shenandoah Valley. Ten agencies in this largely rural area have fused collaboration with customization to improve mobility options for their customers.


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