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  • For Want of a Ride
    Two model transit agencies and their medical transportation services are profiled here. Both are struggle to meet the surging medical transportation demand within their communities; both seek to meet the passengers' needs.

  • Lack of Transportation Puts Children At Risk
    The Children's Health Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring access to medical care for all children, understands that too often it is the actual trip to the doctor that keeps 3 to 4 million from keeping regular doctors appointments.

  • Researching the Health Benefits of Medicare Transportation (PDF) (81 KB)
    How much would Americans benefit from a non-emergency transportation component to Medicare? Greatly, according to a study by two researchers. Discover their findings in this important article.

  • True Dialysis Stories (PDF) (26 KB)
    Behind the numbers and the policy, there are everyday Americans struggling to get to medical care they so vitally need. These profiles highlight just how important a trip to the doctor can really be.

  • Vehicle Guide 2002
    Do you have your eye on a new bus this year? If so, make sure to check out this updated section covering the latest public and community transportation buses and vehicles.


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