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  • It's All True(PDF) (116 KB)
    Take another look at the Community Transportation Association's plan for TEA-21 reauthorization. This plan responds to the needs of the American people and was developed in concert with the people of community and public transportation, based upon their experience and expectations.

  • Austin, Texas
    Host to the Community Transportation EXPO 2002, Austin has a history and spirit befitting the capital of the Great State of Texas. Learn what to do and where to go in this wonderful city.

  • Lost in Austin
    There are more than 200 live music venues in Austin, which often bills itself as the Live Music Capital of the World. Get the inside track on where to go, what to eat and how to dress from this noted Austin club crawler.

  • 2002 Trade Fair Guide
    The public and community transportation field's latest and greatest products and services will all be on display at the EXPO Trade Fair. Take a sneak peak at what many of the vendors will be displaying in this preview.

  • Driving to Be the Best
    Always a central EXPO event, the 2002 National Community Transportation Roadeo -- the 13th -- will once again crown the nation's best bus and van drivers.

  • San Marcos Station
    The Capital Area Rural Transit System's (CARTS) San Marcos Station (in San Marcos, Texas) is one of the nation's premier intermodal transit centers and will be open to a special EXPO tour.

  • The Community Transportation Leadership Institute
    The development of qualified, strong leaders in the public and community transportation industry is crucial to the future success of the field. Learn more about the Association's myriad training opportunities.


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