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CT Rural America Needs Transit

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  • Facing Societal Changes: The Need for New Paradigms in Rural Transit Service
    Dr. Sandi Rosenbloom examines the changing landscape of rural transportation with an emphasis on new customers and service types. Learn how rural operators can meet tomorrow's challenges and, more importantly, the evolving needs of rural Americans.

  • New Buses Across South Dakota
    In June, South Dakota Governor Bill Janklow announced a multi-million dollar new bus and van program that will dramatically impact community transportation service across the state. With more than 100 new buses and vans in the offing, the new program offers additional evidence that rural areas are willing to invest in transit.

  • Gathering Evidence: Rural Riders Speak
    Rural transit has never been focused on equipment and infrastructure, but rather always on its riders. Hear from several rural riders about how important that trip can be and increased investment in rural transportation is essential.

  • Rural Transportation Roundtable
    It's been said many times: Rural transit operators are one of our nation's finest examples of true public servants. The jobs is tough, budgets are tight and the need from the community only grows. Listen in on this roundtable discussion of four rural operators on today's key transit issues.


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