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  • One Day in September (PDF) (1.74 MB)
    As police and fire departments in New York and Washington scrambled to respond to the terrorist attacks of September 11, so, too, did many public and community transportation systems. CamTrans in Johnstown, Pa., and Greyhound both responded that day by doing what they do best, moving people as efficiently as possible.

  • "Public and Community Transit is the Best Way"
    Communication between local emergency operations officials and transit is crucial. If public and community transportation operators are to play their rightful role in a community's emergency response, then ongoing discussion, planning, training and even testing are necessary. Learn how this is taking place in Annapolis, Md.

  • Preparedness: A Checklist for Success
    Learn how to develop your emergency response plan from a transit manager who survived a local chemical spill and who has gone through FEMA training on the subject.

  • Seven Minutes, Seven Lives
    Driver training can make the difference between life and death. In Illinois least year, a driver followed his training and evacuated his six passengers immediately upon seeing smoke coming from his bus. He ended up saving seven lives.

  • New Connections
    In South Dakota, four new community transit systems were recently launched by the state department of transportation. These four new systems, plus two additional ones slated for this spring, offer further proof that transit plays a critical role in even the most rural of states.

  • Working Together
    Michael Winter was recently named director of the Federal Transit Administration's Office of Civil Rights. In this interview, he discusses public and community transportation's role in civil rights, the Americans with Disabilities Act and environmental justice.


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