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  • Full Steam Ahead for Reauthorization (PDF) (3 MB)
    They say a picture paints a thousand words. Using the upcoming reauthorization of TEA-21 as their canvas, CTAA and its members depict equity in a new way, and create a bold design for the public and community transportation industry.

  • Jenkins Claims Tops Prize at Roadeo
    If his name sounds familiar, it should. Glen Jenkins of FRED in Federicksburg, Va., drove his way into the winners' circle again... this year as Ricon Driver of the Year.

  • There is Still Much Need
    "The struggle to improve the lives of people in rural areas is an ongoing one." This year's Dr. Aaron E. Henry Award recipient, Rep. Bennie Thompson, talks with CT about the vital connections made by transit in rural communities.

  • Winning Wisdom
    The 2001 Community Transportation award winners share their challenges, innovation, lessons learned and commitment to excellence.


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