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  • The Route to Reauthorization (PDF) (107 KB)
    An insider's look at the route to reauthorization of public and community transportation programs, including the Community Transportation Association of America's vision and overall themes, deregulation ideas, a congressional preview and a primer on Medicare transportation.

  • This is the Place
    A brief history of beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • What to Do in Salt Lake City
    Here's how to spend your free time during the week of EXPO 2001.

  • Logan Transit District: Built, Guided and Celebrated by the Community
    North of Salt Lake City, Logan, Utah has a successful transit operation, the Logan Transit District, that will soon share a downtown facility with the regional Cache Valley Transit District. The two agencies will cooperatively serve members of the community.

  • Trade Fair Visits
    Keep this list handy as you walk the Trade Fair floor during EXPO 2001. These 31 exhibitors describe their latest and greatest products.

  • Drivers, Start Your Engines
    The 12th National Community Transit Roadeo will once again feature the nationís best drivers as they take to the obstacle course and demonstrate their world-class skills.


  • Editor's Note
  • State Transit Investment Update
  • Media Mix
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