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  • Arkansas Wins Transit Trust Fund (PDF (90 KB)
    In March, the Arkansas State Legislature overwhelmingly approved a bill providing dedicated state investment in public and community transportation. The Arkansas Public Transit Trust Fund is the culmination of many years of outstanding service on the part of the state's transit operators, and would never have happened without the Arkansas Transit Association and its members.

  • Hard Work Yields Springtime Success (PDF) (87 KB)
    Around the nation, the current legislative session has seen a number of noteworthy community and public transportation success stories. In several cases, state legislatures are acknowledging the impact of effective transit with additional investment.

  • A Local Campaign for the Future (PDF) (83 KB)
    The Mason County Transportation Authority in Shelton, Wash., narrowly lost a sales-tax referendum in March. But in the process of taking its case to the public, the system learned several valuable lessons that will undoubtedly help it when it brings the measure back to a vote this fall.


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