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  • The safety record of community transportation is outstanding by any measure
    The safety record of community transportation is outstanding by any measure. In 1999, according to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), rural and small-urban transit systems reported only 25 fatalities. Considering the nature of the population many of these agencies serve frail seniors, dialysis patients, people with disabilities, children, etc., this safety statistic is all the more impressive and exemplifies these organization's dedication and commitment to passenger safety.

  • Inside the Insurance Industry
    Dave Ellis, of the the David L. Ellis Agency is Camp Hill, Pa., discusses the vicissitudes of insurance for the community transportation market in this insightful interview. According to Dave, a hard market is on the way for the public transportation insurance market, so learn what you can do to survive.

  • Never Assume: Community and Public Transportation Driver Safety Tips (PDF) (667 KB)
    Drivers are at the forefront of any risk management and safety issues in the community and public transportation field. These practical tips, complete with easy-to-follow photos, offer a great refresher for your drivers.

  • 2001 Vehicle Showroom
    Don't miss the latest and greatest new vehicles from community transportation vehicle manufacturers across the nation. These are the buses and vans you'll have the opportunity to view up close at EXPO 2001's Trade Fair Floor. Make your wish list out now.

  • Inaugural Medical Transportation Conference a Success
    The Community Transportation Association of America recently held its first Medical Transportation Conference to high praise and accolades. Here's what happened and how you can be sure to be at the next conference this summer.

  • As Ever, The Vital Link Between Employment and Economic Development
    The Association's Vital Link conferences offer participants the opportunity to see how powerful the connection between transportation and economic development can really be. Here are a few of the more profound comments offered by conference presenters.


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