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  • "Where Seldom is Heard, a Discouraging Word" (PDF) (32 KB)
    Providing community transportation in western South Dakota -- among the most rural areas of the country -- is no easy task. But extraordinary transit managers and advocates are finding the means to succeed.

  • Philadelphians Need More Transit, Too
    The need for more and better public transit might seem common in rural areas, but who knew the same held true for Philadelphia? Indeed, profiled here are several Philadelphians' stories of isolation and their search for mobility.

  • Transit Along the Crossroads of America
    A look at transit in Indiana, from one end to the other. Come along as we profile rural, suburban and urban transit agencies; highlighting their innovation and once and for all dispelling the myth that transit's not important in a largely rural state.

  • New Report Documents Need for Safe Mobility: Options for Seniors
    Because of our focus on automotive transportation, most Americans (including the elderly) now live in communities that are not served well by public or private transit services.

  • Perspective: The American Century (PDF) (16 KB)
    by Dale J. Marsico, CCTM

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