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  • Federal Express: An In-Depth Look at Major Changes in Federal Policy for Human Service Transportation
    Last month, HHS released its final regulations for states to follow in their TANF programs. Here's our analysis.

  • New Orleans
    As the Community Transportation EXPO '99's host city, New Orleans offers conference participants a fascinating history, some of the world's best restaurants, diverse music clubs and fabulous attractions. Get the low-down on Nawlins here.

  • "These people are no less deserving of transit services"
    During the legislative cycle that forged the Transportation Efficiency Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21) Senator Richard Shelby championed the cause of rural and small town transportation. A powerful advocate for community transportation and winner of CTAA's Legislative Achievement Award, Sen. Shelby speaks candidly in this Community Transportation exclusive.

  • "A community without transportation is an island"
    Congressman John Olver (D-Mass.) was awarded CTAA's Legislative Achievement Award for his outstanding commitment to promoting community transportation both nationally and in his district in north-central Massachusetts. In this insightful interview, Rep. Olver looks into the future of transit and the positive effects of TEA-21.

  • Visualizing Victory: CTAA Resolution Report Card
    Each year at the Community Transportation EXPO, CTAA and its members develop and ratify a set of policy resolutions that guides association activities for the coming year. Ever wonder how CTAA did with last years' resolutions? Here are your answers.

  • Managing Millennium Madness: Y2K and Your Transit System
    Will New Year's Eve, 1999, be an evening to look forward to, or a one to approach with dread? Make sure your agency is fully prepared for the much-hyped Year 2000 computer bug and learn how others in the community transportation field are preparing.

  • Communications 101 -- Dealing with the Media (PDF) (78 KB)
    Your phone rings and suddenly there's a local newspaper reporter on the line asking a series of questions you'd rather not answer. What should you do? Learn how to deal effectively with the media in this how-to article.

  • Roadeo Roundup
    This year marks the tenth National Community Transportation Roadeo. This special section features past winners, an interview with last year's Driver of the Year, a list of this years' competitors and more.

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