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To ease our readers in the transition to Community Transportation magazine's new digital format, we have developed troubleshooting tips for downloading the magazine, as well as a guide to using the new publication once it is downloaded.

If you're having trouble downloading DigitalCT

  • Are you connected to the internet? You must be in order to download DigitalCT.

Once you've downloaded DigitalCT, you are unable to open the file

  • Do you have Adobe Reader? We recommend using Adobe Reader to get the most of out DigitalCT. When you double click on the downloaded DigitalCT file, your version of Adobe Reader should automatically launch. If you need Adobe Reader, click here to get Adobe Reader's free download
  • Did you allow the entire DigitalCT file to download? Depending upon the speed of your internet connection, it will take anywhere from around a minute to upwards of five minutes. Please allow the entire file to download before attempting to open. If you shut down your computer during the download, it will corrupt the DigitalCT file, thus rendering it useless.

Once you've downloaded DigitalCT, and opened it successfully with Adobe Reader, you're having trouble navigating the file

In our transition from print to electronic media, our aim is provide the same in-depth and unique content that is the hallmark of Community Transportation Magazine, with added tools, resources and benefits made possible by digital publishing. Here's how some of those tools and elements work together to help you navigate Digital CT:

  • NAVIGATION BAR: At the bottom of each page of DigitalCT is a handy display of options -- the NAVIGATION BAR -- that will aid you in moving through the magazine.
  • WWW.CTAA.ORG: A convenient link to the Community Transportation Association of America webpage -- transports you directly to the premier web location for the most updated and in-depth set of resources available on community and public transportation.
  • CONTENTS: Our CONTENTS button returns you to our dynamic and easy-to-use Table of Contents page, where you can select your next feature article or department to explore next.
  • PREVIOUS PAGE: The PREVIOUS PAGE button -- and corresponding arrow -- sends you back to the page before the current one.
  • PAGE NUMBER: Identify your current page location with our PAGE NUMBER display;
  • NEXT PAGE: And, like the PREVIOUS button and arrow, our NEXT PAGE and arrow move you to the next page in order.

How to use the special digital enhancements in the new DigitalCT

  • The single most useful aspect of Digital CT is our integrated and clickable Table of Contents page. Here, everything is a hyperlink to whisk you away to your desired page or article. Any page number, line of text or picture is active to make your navigation easier. And, if you accidentally select the wrong page, just use the CONTENTS button at the bottom to send you back home.
  • A digital publication isn't much value if it doesn't speed you along to the unparalleled collection of resources available on the website. So, we've provided in-text links -- highlighted in gold boxes -- to any organization, program or piece of legislation that might be informative and useful to you as you're reading. So, feel free to treat any gold text box, logo, photo as a convenient gateway to additional information.
  • One of the most exciting elements of a digital publication is the opportunity to point to video, audio, Powerpoint presentations and other interactive elements to enhance the more customary words and graphics. So, we've included a set of relevant connections to videos, sound clips and presentation files that would have never been possible in a printed magazine.

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