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CT Spring 1999 Cover

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  • Short Story: The Way it Ought to Be...
    What will the future look like for community transit? Here's one fanciful vision, complete with mobility for everyone at a reasonable price.

  • Leadership and Vision (PDF) (93 KB)
    We asked several community transit operators and advocates the following question: What, specifically, do you see as the future for your transit agency -- or for community transit in general -- and how will this vision of the future be achieved? Their answers are here.

  • Technology in Community Transporation -- 20/20 Vision
    We are all technologists, insofar as we apply technology in our daily lives and careers. New technology will play a key role in forging the community transit agency of the future. Learn how to make technology work for you, and to avoid working for technology.

  • New Markets for Community Transportation in the 21st Century
    Numerous factors at the community level will have a profound effect on community transportation's future. Take an insider's look at these change agents and new markets and assess their future role in your community.

  • Limitless Opportunities on the Horizon
    In the future, community transportation agencies will be presented with numerous new opportunities to target new audiences, provide new services and to expand. Some of these opportunities are present today, for instance avoiding sprawl and legislative initiatives.

  • Coda: Repeating the Chorus
    Combine all of the ideas and concepts presented in this issue and it's not hard to imagine a community transportation network like the one described in this article.

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