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Our first edition of DigitalCT focuses on the much-used -- yet oft-misunderstood -- concept of mobility management. We cut through the rhetoric to define and provide context for both the real meaning of mobility management, and its import to community and public transit leaders, officials and advocates. Mobility management, it turns out, is an innovative methodology that embraces the full family of transportation services, utilizes cutting-edge technology and still maintains its focus on customers and community. This edition is your one-stop shop for all things mobility management.

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Over the past several years, the emerging concept of mobility management has presented a fresh approach on how communities can best address their challenges and improve options to get to work, medical care, community services and other vital aspects of daily life. Here, we present a set of principles fundamental to effective mobility management efforts.

A Primer on Mobility Management

Man Riding Bike

In 1999, a dozen European nations teamed together to launch the European Platform on Mobility Management (EPOMM). The following article provides an in-depth definition and analysis of the true impact and potential of mobility management. With its broad vision and expansive understanding of mobility management, we thought it an ideal resource to lead off this digital edition of CT Magazine.

Continued Evolution of the Mobility Management Paradigm

People getting on bus

Managing mobility is now being viewed in large and small communities alike as a critical, overarching public responsibility that must transcend the conflicts and performance inherent in our historic dependence on separate, competing modal systems, organizations, assets and investment sources. The need to better manage mobility is emerging as a higher order public responsibility.

Mirror Images of Mobility

Maps of Idaho and New Hampshire

Increasingly, both the Granite and Gem states share another important similarity: their utilization of mobility management tools to improve the vitality of their communities. And while each state encounters its own unique attributes and challenges in moving people effectively and efficiently, the flexibility and responsiveness that define mobility management no matter its configuration are benefits well-suited to meeting needs in these geographically opposing corners of America.

New Facility Empowers Regional Mobility Management

New facility in Lower Savvanah, S.C.

The center represents a new model that combines access to human services with access to coordinated transportation options in a one call center. It serves six counties in the Lower Savannah, S.C., Region with mobility management services that are coordinated through the use of transit-related technology new to the region.

A Mobility Management Roundtable

To provide a broader perspective on mobility management, we asked a panel of experts -- each from a different part of the community and public transit industry, a set of simple questions. We found their answers overlapping in terms of content and very much in concert with the basic mobility management primer that leads off our features.

CTAA's Role in Supporting Mobility Management


The Community Transportation Association has dedicated a number of its resources to promoting a vision of mobility management that embraces the key role of community and public transportation providers, and that focuses on customers and communities. The following is a series of snapshots of these important efforts.

Voices from the Community: Central Illinois

Map of Illinois

"Although used frequently, the words Mobility Management, until recently, seemed to have no clear impact on our passengers, the environment and the local economy. Our challenge was to understand what mobility management could mean to our passengers in rural Central Illinois."

Voices from the Community: San Rafael, Calif.

Marin County Transit District bus

At the EXPO 2010 in Long Beach, Calif., Amy Van Dorn, Transit Manager for the Marin County Transit District in San Rafael, Calif., presented at the Partnership for Mobility Management's Workshop on Mobility Management. Part of her presentation is excerpted here.

The Dispatch

Jana Hunkler Brule'

Jana Hunkler Brule', Project Manager for BerkshireRides in North Adams, Mass., shares her perspectives on mobility management.

Transit Notes

Brevi Bus

A collection of news and developments from community and public transportation providers across the nation.


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