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  • Build It and They Will Come (PDF) (26 KB)
    ITN Seeks Sustainable Senior Transit Service with Car-Like Convenience. The Independent Transportation Network in Portland, Maine is designed to provide transit service to seniors that is as flexible and convenient as a private automobile -- and totally self sustaining. The concept is to link ITN members with volunteer or paid drivers and to have seniors, their relatives and even businesses to pay the costs up-front.

  • Seniors: It's All About Attitude
    Over lunch at a nearby senior living community, three senior citizens discuss the transportation alternatives they take advantage of in their daily lives. This group viewed a can-do attitude as the most important factor in a senior's life -- especially when it comes to mobility and avoiding isolation.

  • Planning to Meet the Needs of Seniors
    The influx of senior citizens into rural areas and their overall population increase place a premium on effective community transportation planning. From site-access specifications to flexible routing and human relevancy, planning to meet the growing transportation needs of seniors is paramount.

  • Safe Mobility for Life
    Senior citizens drive more today than ever before. And in the not-too-distant future, they're sure to drive considerably more. The impact of increasing numbers of seniors behind the wheel are likely to be negative, but the prospects of giving up a drivers license is intolerable to many elders. The only answer is viable mobility alternatives.

  • Serving Seniors: A Community Transit Q&A
    How do you serve seniors today and how do you expect to serve more seniors in the future? We asked this question to a number of Community Transportation Association members. Their answers might surprise you.

  • FTA Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Audits Draw Criticism, WinPraise
    The Federal Transit Administration's drug and alcohol testing audits are underway. And while some agencies that have been audited compliment the process, many in the community transit industry resent the adversarial approach and tactics they claim FTA is employing.

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