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  • Age Friendly Cities are People Friendly Cities (PDF)
    World Health Organization (WHO)
    This publication demonstrates repeatedly the point that age friendly cities are indeed people friendly cities. Urban design and services that help older adults help all ages.
  • Canadian Rural Communities: A Guide (PDF)
    Healthy Aging and Wellness Working Group of the Federal/Provincial/Territorial (F/P/T) Committee of Officials (Seniors)
    This guide is part of Canadian Government Initiative to create senior-friendly rural communities by increasing awareness of what seniors need to maintain active, healthy and productive lives within their communities; and producing a practical guide that identifies common barriers, and fosters dialogue and action that supports the development of age-friendly communities.
  • Creating Livable Communities for All Ages: Increasing Transportation and Mobility Options (Miami-Dade & Monroe Counties)
    This report is filled with valuable ideas, information, and resources. It is one of seven reports prepared by the Aging in Place Initiative sponsored by Partners for Livable Communities and the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging. Each report addresses a different aspect of Aging in Place. All seven reports are available at
  • Beyond 50.05: A Report to the Nation on Livable Communities: Creating Environments for Successful Aging (PDF)(2.7 MB)
    This 2005 installment of the AARP Beyond 50 report series by Andrew Kochera, Audrey Straight, and Thomas Guterbock explores the ways in which a community can meet the needs of its residents aged 50 and older so that they might continue to live independently.

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