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  • Bus Riders Stand Together to Improve Service (PDF) (24 KB)
    Who better to raise the standards of community transportation than the riders? The AC Transit Bus Riders Union is working with AC Transit to both safeguard and augment bus service in Oakland, Calf.

  • No Single Solution: A Mix of Services Meet Customers' Needs (PDF) (18 KB)
    In Albany, N.Y., residents hafe a multitude of mobility options so public transportation have to be competitive. It takes a focus on customers to raise the standards of community transportation in urban areas.

  • Barriers Sharpen Our Focus on the Customer
    The Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged is charged with coordinating specialized transportation throughout the state. Raising the standards of transportation takes cooperation and planning at the state level.

  • Rural Transit: Unique Challenges and Solutions
    In rural areas, public transportation takes on greater significance as many residents have no alternatives. Raising the standards of rural transit takes leadership and vision with a local flavor.

  • Mission Control
    How can community transportation agencies expect to really make a difference in their areas without having a real, tangible mission? Here's one transit manager's thoughts on the subject.

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