• Congress Launches Bipartisan Congressional Bus Caucus
  • Webinar Recording: Recruiting for a Sustainable Driver Workforce
  • New Book Features Chapter on CTAA's Innovative Use of Design Thinking in Transit Design
    New Book Features Chapter on CTAA's Innovative Use of Design Thinking
    CTAA uses design thinking as a guiding structure to empower local partners to offer diverse, community-based players the opportunity to jointly frame problems and form solutions rooted in their communities.
  • Where is the CTAA Staff Visiting?
  • Fast Mail is the newsletter of the Community Transportation industry
    FastMail is a bi-monthly compilation of the latest news, analysis and resources in the community and public transportation industry. Organized neatly into our membership categories, FastMail is a quick way to keep up to date. All CTAA members receive FastMail directly. Non members receive FastMail a week later and can sign up here. For the latest edition, click here.
  • Meet the New Future of Mobility
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Why Better Bus Service May Mean Fewer Trips

Why Better Bus Service May Mean Fewer TripsHow could there be more people riding buses but less trips happening? One element impacting ridership that's received scant attention are trends in the transit industry towards bus network redesign. Many bus-focused transit systems are restructuring their bus routes to offer more one-seat rides to passengers. This reduces the need to transfer between lines, saving time and making transit a more attractive option.

Enrollment Open for 2018 CTAA Emerging Leaders Academy

Emerging Leaders AcademyApplications for enrollment are now open for the 2018 class of CTAA's Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA). CTAA is committed to supporting the next generation of transit leaders in creating the most promising future for their organization, employees, and customers through the ELA. Tuition for the ELA will be $3,500 per participant, which includes all the instruction, distance learning, and registration for EXPOs 2018 and 2019.



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