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Help Us Help Transit Operators in Texas, Florida

HurricaneCTAA has reached out and is helping our members and partners in the areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey, and stands ready to do the same for our members in Florida with the arriving Hurricane Irma. Please stay tuned to this section of our website for regular updates and any requests for assistance that we receive.

How to Help: Texas

  • Buy gift cards and Meredith Greene, executive director of TTA will deliver them to the transit systems affected so agencies can distribute them directly to employees in need. Send gift cards to: TEXAS Harvey Relief, TTA, ATTN: Meredith Greene, 106 E 6th Street, Suite 900, Austin, TX 78701. (Please make certain the card does not have additional fees the recipient must pay)

How to Help: Florida

The public transit industry has stepped up to help their brothers and sisters in the state of Florida with recovery from Hurricane Irma. Based on the advice from our colleagues in Texas they have offered guidance below for how you can offer REAL help.

Competitive Bus Capital Request Show Demand for New Buses Growing

CTAA has learned (thanks to our partners at The Bus Coalition) that demand for the 2017 Section 5339 No-Lo and Competitive Bus Capital programs has increased. In this year's cycle, transit systems requested $8.7 for every $1 available (demand was $7.7 for every dollar available last year). FTA expects to announce the no-lo emission program winners later this month with the full Bus and Bus Facilities program decision made public later this fall.

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