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Welcome to the second edition of DigitalCT -- The Infrastructure of Coordination. When you read the articles in this magazine, you'll see it's all about how to coordinate transportation with the rest of what goes on in our communities: infrastructure, planning, service delivery and -- most of all -- with seeing that people can get to the places they need to go.

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Editor's Note

Scott Bogren

Welcome to the Winter 2011 Edition of DigitalCT, focusing on a fresh look at coordination.

Voices from the Community

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How coordinating transportation can keep families healthy and One Call, One Click: A Transportation Coordination Case Study.

Building Foundations for Mobility

Transbay Terminal

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the partnerships and innovative approaches engendered by coordination are taking the form of facilities and spaces -- transformed places -- where mobility options unite.

Implementing a Broad Set of Coordinated Options

Phileas Bus

Our second focus area presents best practices in coordination -- from brokered service provision across Massachusetts, statewide intelligent transportation systems in rural environments, customer-driven approaches in California and new capital infrastructure in the Cape Cod region of Massachusetts.

New Coordination Practices

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As our third focus area demonstrates, a growing cadre of dynamic new concepts and strategies are available to communities in their quest to provide better mobility while responsibly managing their resources.

Building Upon Traditional Coordination Models

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This final focus area examines the award-winning work of Ride Connection in Portland, Ore., offers a roundtable discussion among participants in CTAA-sponsored Coordination Institutes and provides a research-oriented article on measuring the effectiveness of mobility coordination strategies.


Transit Bus

Our transit notes and coordination bookshelf for Winter 2011.


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