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CT May 1997

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  • ISTEA Reauthorization: Point/Counterpoint
    Two community transportation professionals highlight the intensifying ISTEA reauthorization debate with differing views on this critical topic.

  • Perspective: Lessons Learned (PDF) (13 KB)
    Researcher April Kaplan talks about the personal ways transportation and welfare can help people

  • Media Mix
    Check out this month's clippings from around the country!
  • Fabulous Fort Lauderdale
    Fort Lauderdale and its environs have a storied history and vibrant future. Take a closer look at EXPO '97's host city, and get the inside scoop on where to go and what to see.

  • Taking Coordination to New Heights
    Though already a trademark in Florida, Polk County has taken coordination a step further by integrating all of its local transit agencies with intercity bus facilities. Residents can now access the entire state and beyond.

  • GIS Breakthrough Provides New Tool
    Bridgewater State College has taken all 550 fixed-route transportation providers in the U.S. and digitally mapped their routes, service areas and more using GIS technology. What results is a powerful new planning tool.

  • Project Accomplishments
    CTAA's USDA Technical Assistance Program is now in its eighth year. Here's a quick look at all of the project to-date, along with a map.

  • Bringing the Transportation Perspective to Welfare Reform
    Our interview this month is with Toya Nelson of the Wisconsin Workforce Development Department. She recently left the state DOT to work on welfare reform and provides a unique outlook on the process.

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