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  • Bus Design 2020: Building a Better Vehicle
    How will the community transportation vehicle change in the next 30 years? Peer into the future with the CTR Bus, our best-guess combination of tomorrow's technology and practicality.

  • All They Want is a Ride: Seniors and People with Disabilities Compete for Scraps
    It's a sad spectacle when two of the most transportation-dependent groups in today's society are left to fight for the budget dust of Section 5310 for their very freedom. All they want is a ride.

  • Fresh Insights from CTAA's Dale Marsico
    In this interview, CTAA's new Executive Director Dale Marsico expounds upon his goals for both the organization and the industry. His thoughts on government programs and welfare reform might surprise you.

  • Maintenance Forum
    The second part of his report on buying used buses. Don't miss it!

  • Community Transit Vehicle Directory
    A complete look at vehicle manufacturers for the community transportation field. Where are they located? What types of buses do they produce? What are the optional features? The answers are in this new directory.

  • History in Motion
    A new community transportation system was recently launched in Fredericksburg, Va. CTR was there to take in the festivities of day one and record first-hand the long day of a new transit manager.

  • CTAA Announces New Community Transportation Development Fund
    CTAA has revamped its loan fund, offering new categories of loans, lower interest rates and creative approaches to collateral. Get all the details here.

  • Federal Express
    Community Transportation and the Clinton Budget: Good News, Bad News

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