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CTR December 1996 Cover

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  • The Computer Revolution Comes to Rural America
    Once upon a time, computerized scheduling software was only for large-urban transit operations with hundreds of vehicles. Not so anymore. Here's a look at how new software programs can help rural agencies.

  • Transit Managers Take Trapeze, Multisystems for Test Drive
    In November, a group of transit managers gathered at CTAA's headquarters to put two of the most popular routing a scheduling software programs through their paces. Discover what they found.

  • Communicating Transit's Importance: One Leader's Experience
    An interview with Paul Skoutelas, the architect of public transit's resuscitation in Orlando, Fla. His views on the importance of image, community involvement, marketing and more apply to transit agencies of all sizes.

  • Maintenance Forum
    Once again, the maintenance guru teaches us all a thing or two. This time, he answers common questions about purchasing used vehicles.

  • Special Section on ITS
    Check out this overview of Intelligent Transportation Systems and how it can help smaller transit systems.

  • New Products Review
    Everything from the latest community transportation vehicles to the newest heating and air conditioning units. Take a closer look at 1996's most innovative new products for the transportation industry.

  • So You're Looking for Routing/Scheduling Software
    You've decided you need to take advantage of the latest computerized routing and scheduling software programs. But what should you look for? How can you make sure you get what you need?

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