DigitalCT Spring 2011: Seeking New Policy Directions

Our third edition of DigitalCT Magazine takes a broad look at key policy questions affecting community and public transportation, now and in the future. To help organize DigitalCT's vision for New Transportation Policy Directions, we divided this publication into six sections: rural mobility, urban mobility, connectivity, finance, a time to act and join our dialogue. Each section not only contains an article (or articles) on that topic area, but also offers key resources like maps, reports, best practices and charts that add both depth and insight into that specific topic area.

To ease our readers in the transition to Community Transportation magazine's new digital format, we have developed a troubleshooting tips for downloading the magazine, as well as a guide to using the new publication once it is downloaded.

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In this Issue

Editor's Note

Scott Bogren

In keeping with the innovative and exciting spirit of our digital publication, play the video in the attached file to view Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren's video editor's note.

Voices from the Community

Old Fashioned Radio Microphone graphic

Listen to interviews with Barry Goodman of The Goodman Corp. and Clyde Hart of the American Bus Association for their perspectives on new policy directions for transportation.

A Platform for Urban Mobility

public transit bus at a stop

Taking the lead from our rural mobility section, we decided to employ the same structure in analyzing the state of urban America and its key transportation challenges. This article spotlights not only those key issues, but offers some policy solutions that will lead to better and more accessible urban mobility.

A Platform for Rural Mobility

map of rural unemployment

This article was developed from a briefing CTAA recently offered to a key congressional committee that asked about emerging issues in rural transit and how these issues might be addressed from a policy perspective. To guide that discussion, we divided the briefing into the sections you'll see within, and found that it engendered a fruitful conversation.

A Platform for Connectivity

image of TransBay project

Given the regional realities of how Americans go to work, access health care, find educational opportunities and in general live their lives, a fully connected and integrated surface transportation is vital. In this article we examine how this connectivity can be incentivized and take a look at the modern union stations where the connections happen.

The Finance Challenge

finance chart

The system with which we finance the next surface transportation era in American history must be brought in-line with the expected mobility outputs that the system must generate. A diversified, multi-faceted transportation network requires a similarly encompassing investment strategy that seeks to build from the current transportation trust fund theory. In this article, we look at ways to not only augment the transportation trust fund, but also to add new sources of surface transportation infrastructure investments that will help fund and build tomorrow's transportation network.

The Time to Act is Now on Reauthorization

LRA Trasnp. Index Cover

In February, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce testified before the U.S. Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee on The Time is Now for SAFETEA-LU Reauthorization. The world's largest business federation with more than 3 million members, the Chamber presents a business sector’s view of the role of surface transportation in our national economy. This article is excerpted from that testimony and illustrates the ways in which transportation permeates our economy and is central to economic recovery.

Join Our Dialogue: A Campaign to Educate and Engage on Important Policy Discussions

We Do Our Part Eagle

The time has come for public transit managers, advocates, passengers and friends to tell their stories and tell the truth about the importance of mobility options for all Americans. The entirety of this edition of DigitalCT provides reinforcement to these efforts that all lead to a spring Educational Campaign that CT magazine will soon be launching via an exciting new web interface.

Transportation Initiatives: Winning at the Ballot Box


In all policy discussions, it is good to have a road map to success. Recently, transit has been winning local referenda -- including those where people vote to either begin or extend a tax to support transit -- at a nearly 75 percent clip. Clearly, successful theories in motivating elected officials -- and more importantly, voters -- to support public and community transportation do exist. The Center for Transit Excellence does an excellent job of tracking the results of all local and state votes that impact transit and the information for this analysis comes from their great work.

Transit Notes

bus by a lake


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