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CTR February 1996 Cover

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  • Gas Tax Exemptions and Community Transit
    Are you taking advantage of the available federal gas tax exemption? Can you? We answer all the questions in this in-depth look at an oft-hidden resource.

  • Transit Notes
    What's happening with your colleagues?

  • Perspective
    Find out how coalition building can work for you.

  • National Transit Resource Center
    Check out these funding areas and valuable resources.

  • Small Buses Break Out
    Small buses are being built and sold in record numbers. Discover how transit agencies of all sizes are using small buses and why passengers are behind this surge in popularity.

  • Accessible Vehicles, More Than Just a Wheelchair Lift
    A wide variety of components help make a transit vehicle truly accessible. Take a look at each in this colorful spread and make sure your vehicle accessibility library is well-stocked.

  • Maintenance Forum
    Maintenance guru Halsey King brings you Perspectives on Preventive Maintenance and Inspections.

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