Local Profiles

Local Profiles were completed for nine one call-one click services. Each of these communities has built a unique service based on their geography, service area, goals, level of coordination, type of lead agency and other factors. Some services rely on high-technology solutions. All have been built on a foundation of coordination and trusting relationships.

  • Access Services Inc. (Calif.) (PDF)(714 KB), the Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (CTSA) for Los Angeles County, is responsible for all ADA paratransit services in the county and facilitates coordination for human service agencies. (Single county, 10 million population, 2,000 square miles, CTSA lead agency)
  • CT Ridenet (Minn.) (PDF)(388 KB) is a non-profit one-call service operated as a public service by Care Transportation, a for-profit firm operating primarily in central Minnesota. (Multiple rural counties with one small urban area, private sector initiative).
  • Dane County (Wisc.) (PDF)(350 KB) operates a one-call service throughout the county. Working in close cooperation with Metro Transit in Madison, its one-call service is integrated with a range of coordination activities. (Single county, mid-size urban area -- 475,000 population, 1,238 square miles, 60 local jurisdictions, county government as lead agency). Watch Video (YouTube).
  • Lane Transit District (Ore.) (PDF)(401 KB) operates a program similar to Dane County's, but in this case the transit district is the lead agency. One-call services combine ADA paratransit services and Medicaid transportation in a system that has built a strong foundation of accessibility and coordination. (Single county, mid-size urban area - 350,000 population, 4,700 square miles, transit district as lead agency). Watch Video (YouTube).
  • Lower Savannah Council of Governments (S.C.) (PDF)(435 KB) This service is a Transportation Management Coordination Center, and the Council of Governments (COG) also serves as an Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC). Their coordinated system includes ITS technology to address the specific concerns. Expanding transit services and responding to local needs in each county are hallmarks of this system. (Multicounty, primarily rural but borders on one urban area, 300,000 population, 4,000 square miles, COG as lead agency)
  • Manitowoc County (Wisc.) (PDF)(334 KB) Manitowoc County's one-call service is county-based but closely coordinated with the City of Manitowoc's Maritime Transit system. This system uses simple technologies (telephones and spreadsheets) yet addresses the mobility needs of residents for local and regional trips. (Single county, 84,000 population, 600 square miles, county as lead agency)
  • Purchase Area Regional Transit Travel Management Coordination Center (Ky.) (PDF)(341 KB) This system based in Paducah developed as part of an overall coordination effort funded by the Mobility Services for All Americans initiative. Like the Lower Savannah system, this system uses a significant amount of technology. Several providers have collaborated. (Multicounty, mostly rural, 195,000 population, 2,569 square miles, transit provider as lead agency)
  • Steuben County (N.Y.) (PDF)(1.11 MB) A transportation one-call service has been established by a neutral non-profit agency that also provides 2-1-1 information & referral services. The one-call center supports the five transit or paratransit providers and the agency's volunteer transportation service in the county. (Single county, mostly rural, 96,000 population, non-profit organization as lead agency)
    Watch Video (YouTube). View Powerpoint (.ppt)(3.37 MB)
  • Tri-county Community Action Program (N.H.) (PDF)(325 KB) Tri-County CAP operates a one-call service and North Country Transit, serving three counties in New Hampshire's North Country region. This low-technology system coordinates a variety of services, including a volunteer transportation service, hospital services, and public transit. (Multicounty, rural, 85,000 population, 3,418 square miles, non-profit Community Action Program as lead agency)