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CTR November 1995 Cover

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  • Editorial
    A Test of Human Capital

  • Getting SMART
    The Suburban Mobolity Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) has revamped its services in the greater Detroit, Michigan, area, providing increased community coverage, coordination, flexibility and more.

  • Perspective: Suddenly, A Vested Interest
    CTAA's Director of Public Policy describes his experiences on Washington, D.C.'s complementary paratransit system, Metro Access.

  • Tomorrow's Technology Creates Opportunities Today
    OUTREACH,a paratransit broker headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., is using the latest routing and scheduling, AVL and GIS technology to make a public-private partnership work.

  • Foundation Funds: Hidden Resources for Transportation
    As federal transit funds diminish, many agencies are seeking new ways to add to their budgets. Foundations can be an answer. Learn how to access foundation funding and how other transit providers have tapped this largely unknown source of revenue.

  • Volunteers Help OATS Reduce Costs and Build Community Support
    Using volunteers can ease personnel costs and help build community participation for a transit agency. OATS, Inc., in Columbia, Mo., is an acknowledged industry leader when it comes to using volunteers. Here's an inside look at how they do it.

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