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CTR September 1995

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  • Editorial: Congressional Priorities Out of Whack
    The latest reaction to the Republican Revolution's impact on community transportation.

  • Federal Transit on the Chopping Block
    As promised, Congress is preparing to cut federal transportation spending. This in-depth look at the coming cutbacks includes analysis of FTA and other federal funding sources for community transportation.

  • Maintenance Forum: Finding a Provider to Service Your Vehicles
    It's tough to find a reliable team of mechanics to keep your system in tip-top shape. Experienced transit general manager Halsey King takes you through your options and gives you useful hints on separating the ace mechanics from the duds.

  • The Unseen Danger of Bloodborne Pathogens
    Community transit providers frequently transport people who are in ill health. Are you aware of the precautions you must take to ensure your drivers and other passengers aren't infected from bloodborned pathogens? Find out here.

  • ProjectACTION Insert: Improving Access in Broward County, Florida
    ProjectACTION's most comprehensive ADA transportation projects has been to develop an integrated transportation system to serve people with disabilities, people 65 and older and the general public in Broward County, Florida. This article reviews the GIS technology that helped to plan the system and how it could be applied in other areas..Includes maps and tables.

  • Medicaid Recipeients Win Suit in Alabama
    A U.S. District Court ruled last July that the state of Alabama had to develop a plan to provide non-emergency transportation to Medicaid recipients. The recently submitted plan, however, falls short of expectation.

  • The Senator Takes Office at Access Independence
    Access Independence, an independent living center in Winchester, Va., recently took delivery of a small bus designed to be driven by a person in a wheelchair. The vehicle is the end result of an intriguing effort by the agency, state officials and Supreme, Inc.

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