RAIL 27: New Approaches to Passenger Rail

Rail magazine issue 27 cover; high speed train

RAIL Magazine's issue #27 takes a closer look at some of the fresh, new approaches to passenger rail. From finance to leadership, equipment to technology, modern passenger rail enjoys innovative new ideas that will lead the way for rail's ongoing renaissance. RAIL #27 reports on these vital trends.

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In this Issue

Editor's Note

Scott Bogren next to the NH train

Editor-in-Chief Scott Bogren's editor's note in video.


RAIL Magazine's Priorities for Encouraging New Approaches in Passenger Rail

Rail Yard

Frank Bozich

Rail Fuels the Economy: Beyond Rail-Oriented Development

The passenger rail renaissance is often connected with economic growth through the types of places it fosters through rail-oriented development. But a more basic and important element of passenger rail's economic might comes from its ability to move people to and from work. That access for employees is just as important at large companies as small businesses. RAIL spoke with a leader at one of the nation's largest corporations, Frank Bozich, President of chemical company BASF's Catalysts Division, about his corporation's prioritization of rail and transit access for their employees.

Streetcar illustration

United Streetcar: Making It in America

United Streetcar -- and its parent company, Oregon Iron Works -- have developed the first modern streetcar developed and manufactured in the United States in more than 60 years. Their employees tell the story of how it all came together, and how to revitalize the U.S. passenger rail manufacturing industry.

All Aboard

Denton, Texas Mayor Mark Burroughs addresses the opening day crowd for Denton's A-Train regional rail service.

Our collection of news briefs on the latest developments in passenger rail from across North America.

Fresh Passenger Rail Approaches

Train illustration

A collection of some of the most inventive passenger rail approaches to finance, safety, infrastructure, equipment and leadership.

Rail in Rural Areas

rail in rural areas illustration

Much of the discussion about high-speed rail in America centers on travel between cities, but it is also important to recognize the benefits of rail to the 82 million people living in rural America. New and improved passenger rail services will provide rural residents with access to cities in a way that no other form of transportation can.

Rewarding State Investment

Train at the station

The states and regions most interested in advancing new projects are usually the ones who had already demonstrated their belief in the effectiveness of intercity passenger rail by investing in state-supported routes.

Separating Rhetoric from Reality on Amtrak Privatization

Amtrack pulling into station on time

Our editorial perspective on the ongoing discussion of whether Amtrak's operations and infrastructure should be privatized, and how Amtrak functions within the larger context of the U.S. railroad network.

Review: For the Love of a Good Map

Cover of Railway Maps of the World

Our review of Mark Ovenden's Railway Maps of the World.

Historic Ties

St. Paul, Minn.


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