Sector Strategies

Sector-based strategies that focus on specific industries such as health care, manufacturing, and hotel and other service industry jobs, are gaining traction as a way to help low-wage earners and job seekers improve their short- and long-term employment opportunities. The National Network of Sector Partners (NNSP), the Aspen Institute's Workforce Strategies Initiative, and the National Skills Coalition are three national groups advocating, advancing and studying the sector-based approach. Locally, broad-based partnerships of community agencies and groups are forming to develop and implement strategies to prepare entry-level job seekers for employment and advancement in a certain sector. The Napa Hotel Sector Project, for instance, brought together the local Office of Education, Napa Workforce Investment Board, local colleges, several community-based organizations, among other partners. The group was convened by United Way of the Bay Area. In a report about the Napa project prepared by NNSP, transportation was listed as a priority barrier.

Sector-Based Transportation Strategies

Joblinks has produced the following briefs that describe ways transportation and workforce leaders can collaborate to respond to transportation needs of employees working in and training for jobs in a variety of sectors.

Connecting Construction Workers with Jobs and Training (PDF)

Connecting Health Care Workers to Jobs and Training Opportunities (PDF)

Connecting Home Health and Personal Care Workers to Jobs and Training Opportunities (PDF)

Connecting Hotel and Motel Workers with Jobs (PDF)

Connecting Workers with Manufacturing Jobs and Training Opportunities (PDF)

Connecting Retail Workers with Jobs (PDF)

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